Fela’s Fierce Musical Message * (by Lasana K. Mack) © 2010

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Fela’s Fierce Musical Message * (by Lasana K. Mack) © 2010

This excerpt is from the presentation of Lasana Mack, Executive Director of Appeal, Inc during the Second Edition of the Thomas Sankara Annual Conference held in Washington, DC on October 12, 2013.

Fela’s Fierce Musical Message * (by Lasana K. Mack) © 2010

* phrases in bold are the titles of musical compositions by Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Fela composed many classic tunes, one called mr. grammarticalogylisationalism is the boss meaning african imitators of invaders, imitators of colonial rulers thrive, despite the cost of colonial mentality, neo-colonial confusion so destructive it breaks bones so sick it infects with yellow fever complex compound symptoms of mistreating our own hating our own—skin color, hair, language, nose, clothes, like a rose hating its own red upside down, like the more you act opposite from true self interest, the more you get bread arabs and europeans invaded, they took, they take our gold, coal, oil, royally abundant raw material riches away our rich culture away, that’s why black man suffer today, fela say…

water has no enemy but haters hate the nature of an independence-minded african bond since haters, invaders and dictators love zombies that follow the folly, teacher don’t teach me nonsense i look and laugh at mr. follow follow but suffer through cecil rhodes, kruggerand, abacha, mobutu, darfur sorrow tears & blood I cry as I watch ink dry on concepts and contracts of white collars scholarly robbing africa hollow now china and more outsiders and insiders are in africa exploiting it finer and I’m just try’na remind ya of sankara, lumumba, garvey, malcolm, nkrumah’s shout about our route to righteous clout, but did deception blind ya?

to the truth of africa—center of the world, source of the great so-called greek philosophy, higher level pan-africanism we need to build for our children’s prosperity, you ready? grab that shovel…grab these tools… gotta comply with self-preservation rules pan-African unity the family needs to be the beneficiary of mother africa’s precious jewels this situation ain’t cool, calling all hands on deck with high-tech and low tech tools determination and grit, wisdom and wit, the family needs to get the benefit of mama africa’s precious jewels
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