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Panafrican Momentum

Panafrican Momentum

With the frequency and the regularity of its conferences and workshops, the Revival of Panafricanism Forum entertains an inspiring momentum about panafricanism and a fruitful emulation and dynamism withing an energized panafrican community.

Sustainable Network

The Revival of Panafricanism Forum pursues its objectives by bringing like-minded individuals and organizations together, hence constituting a viable and vibrant network of people of all walks of life and expertise, from diverse races, religions, and ethnic groups who have in common a commitment to build a united and unified Africa and its Diaspora, and also a better world. The Forum is therefore an opportunity of networking for freedom and justice activists and panafricanists, and Africa advocacy groups who continue to interact and collaborate outside the conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, and conventions, thus contributing to the consolidation of the panafrican movement and of internationalism across the globe.

Panafrican Reunion

During our conferences and meetings we give the opportunity to leaders of like-minded organizations to present their movements and their organizational activities.  This is in line with our purpose which is to be the cradle of a new panafrican consciousness that serves as a platform through which like-minded people and institutions can meet and share knowledge for a prosperous universal alliance in the interest of Africa, its Diaspora, and the world.  This particular feature of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum’s gatherings is the “Panafrican Reunion”.
Through the Panafrican Reunion the Revival of Panafricanism Forum bridges the gap, makes linkages with like-minded organizations and sets the stage for the creation of a more vibrant and dynamic Panafrican Coalition in the 21st century. The Forum contributes to the building of a working unity and solidarity with advocacy groups, and panafrican organizations, thus putting into motion the need to work together in unity, in synergy, and in line with the spirit of panafricanism for a stronger panafrican movement. 

Panafricanism and Internationalism

Loyal to the history of panafricanism which has evolved hand to hand with world struggles for justice and freedom, the Revival of Panafricanism Forum supports any civil rights movement building for equality, justice, freedom, and development at the world stage. In line with the spirit of panafricanism and the new tenets the of the novel articulation of panafricanism the Revival of Panafricanism Forum is honoring the responsibility of solidarity towards other civil rights organizations and advocacy groups for a common purpose which is to fight for freedom, justice, equality, and working solidarity. Our organization supports like-minded organizations by endorsing their actions, by taking part in various initiatives such as the signing of petitions, organizations demonstrations namely, rallies, and sit-in.