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Organizations and Advisors


Wilfred David, Ph.D., Economist
Sulayman Nyang, Ph.D, Political Scientist
Pascal Sankara, Political Strategist

About the Team

The team of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum is intergenerational, multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial. It represents the diversity of Africans, people of African heritage, and non Africans who strive daily for freedom, justice, and the development in Africa, and around the world. The members of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum operate on the basis of high standards of ethics, excellence, and selflessness, with a sense of service, sacrifice and strong attachment to team work. They have high expectations for themselves, for the organization, and for the World African Union. Loyal to the Ubuntu Maxim “A person is a person through other persons”, they understand that their individual success is connected to the success of others and that of the community they serve.

Endorsing organizations

The following organizations share the ideals of the Revival of Panafricanism Forum and have endorsed or have joined efforts with us to organize more than one conference:  Africa Alliance for the 21st Century, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, Friends of the Congo, Appeal, Inc, Ivorian Popular Front-USA, and Answer Coalition.


The Vision and The Vision Action Plan

The Revival of Panafricanism Forum is a platform that contributes in building a global alliance in the 21st century in order to consolidate an African cultural, social, economical, and political identity necessary to tackle Africa’s and the African Diaspora’s challenges.
The Vision Action Plan is a set of tools of a panafrican infrastructure, as well as a programmatic agenda that we seek to build and implement. It comprises a number of institutions to be built gradually and which range from an Institute for Panafricanism, a think tank, a publishing house…to the building of afrocentric academic institutions that prepare the leaders who will build a new, united and redeemed Africa.


The Revival of Panafricanism Forum aims at educating, advocating, promoting an African emancipation, as well as fostering a panafrican scholarship and an African collective consciousness.


While advancing the new dispensation of panafricanism, the Revival of Panafricanism Forum aims at:
  • Advocating a culture of self-determination, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency within the World African Union
  • Promoting solidarity and unity values among Africans and peoples of African descent
  • Consolidating and expanding freedom and justice in Africa and in the World
  • Promoting good governance, the rule of law, and equal opportunity
  • Providing and afro-centric education to the members of the World African Union, academically, vocationally and holistically
  • Promoting ethical leadership that emphasizes the virtues of Ubuntu
  • Conducting research for the redemption of the Global African Community
  • Helping build a sustainable panafrican infrastructure


The Revival of Panafricanism Forum intends to build and help build a set of institutions mentioned in the Vision Action Plan. In the meantime, the forum satisfies several functions. The Revival of Panafricanism Forum is a platform for discussion about issues from a panafrican perspective, a center of education that provides afro-centric knowledge, a leadership training center that promotes ethical leadership embedded in the Ubuntu Philosophy, a think tank that provides policy research and analysis for the redemption of the World African Union, and a center of archives that collects written, oral, video, and audio documents about the past, present, and future of the Global African Community.


The Revival of Panafricanism Forum was launched in 2007 to satisfy a need and fill a vacuum. Many organizations organize conferences, roundtables with panafrican flavor and about panafrican issues but few have a public forum whose objective would be to revive panafricanism as does our forum.
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