1. Item Number: Valentino Rockstud Punkouture Patent Slingbacks
    Dear Authenticator, I purchased this valentino rockstud pair from Century 21. After comparing it with the valentino shoes I noticed several things which seem to be off 1. there is no serial number and size number printed in gold inside the shoes while all the other pairs I have do - not sure whether this is normal 2. the logos at the bottom of the shoes seem off to me - the prints in each line are not aligned (especially the "garavani" print) and the "in" in "made in italy" print seems to be in a higher position than "made" and "italy" prints 3. The stitch at the bottom of one shoe seems to be very rough and bulky. I have included some close-up photos.

    Apologize for the long message. Do you mind authenticating the shoes for me? Thank you in advance.

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG
  2. IMG_0761.JPGIMG_0762.JPGIMG_0763.JPGIMG_0764.JPGIMG_0767.JPGIMG_0766.JPGIMG_0771.JPG
  3. Hi dears, could i please get these Valentino shoes authenticated? Got them off eBay but i am very much in doubt after receiving. They seem off to me and i want to return them to the seller :sad: here is the ended listing.

    Item: Valentino Rockstud Kittenheel
    Listing Number: 152402049104
    Seller: bernsirakay0
  4. Knowledgable authenticators, please verify my shoes! I got these at a reputable dept store but I once bought a pair of CLs at a big store that another customer had returned fakes after stealing the real pair! I dont have any to compare to, its my first pair of rockstuds! Please let me know so I can keep/return.
    Rockstud Caged Ballerinas in S54/Poudre
    Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi! Need help please with authenticating these Valentino Rockstud flats! Thanks so much in advance!! IMG_1489000591.670768.jpgIMG_1489000600.654555.jpgIMG_1489000610.240384.jpgIMG_1489000619.005927.jpgIMG_1489000627.106657.jpgIMG_1489000635.151544.jpgIMG_1489000643.091262.jpgIMG_1489000653.693401.jpg
  6. good
  7. fake
  8. look fine to me
  9. Thank you so much for your help!
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    Seller: TJ Maxx
    Please authenticate. I have the shoes in my possession if other photos are needed. Thanks.IMG_1489777802.345625.jpgIMG_1489777865.914627.jpgIMG_1489777931.703222.jpgIMG_1489777970.223593.jpgIMG_1489778230.945523.jpgIMG_1489778268.455975.jpgIMG_1489778439.748032.jpg

    I note the the photos of the soles are washed out in the photos. They're a dark charcoal color in real life.