1. Hey, is there any other authenticator than AllSaints addict on Purseforum? Her last login was on the 26th Dec 2016...Kind regards
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  3. Hi! I have this bag and I'd like to know if it the real thing :smile:[GALLERY=media, 2014]zip by *sweet* posted Feb 13, 2017 at 4:13 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 2013]inside by *sweet* posted Feb 13, 2017 at 4:13 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 2012]dust bag by *sweet* posted Feb 13, 2017 at 4:13 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 2011]hardware by *sweet* posted Feb 13, 2017 at 4:13 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 2010]logo by *sweet* posted Feb 13, 2017 at 4:13 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 2009]tags by *sweet* posted Feb 13, 2017 at 4:13 PM[/GALLERY]
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  4. Hi everyone

    Hope you don't mind me asking this question . I have bought a lovely miu miu bag today in good faith, however, after reading lots of posts I think the back of the zipper should say Lampo or riri? My zipper is blank, doesn't say anything. Could it possibly be fake, I could post some pictures if anymore proof is needed.

    Thank you in advance

    Amanda x
  5. IMG_1478.JPG IMG_1480.JPG IMG_1481.JPG IMG_1482.JPG IMG_1483.JPG IMG_1484.JPG Hi
    Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place...I'm new and not a clue what I'm doing ...could anyone help me authenticate this bag I just bought please...sorry for being a nuisance. I did post it in another forum and although it got lots of views, no replies...thought I was invisible for a bit lol.
    Amanda x
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  6. Anyone know anything about it or see on before, I would be ever so grateful...thank you xx
  7. I don't understand such a big forum with an authentication thread with so many members. My post has had so many views and not one person replies, either to say..no...never seen it..just anything ??? Very disappointed. Is it because I'm a new poster? Why have an authentication thread if no one can be bothered to acknowledge you?
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  8. Please could one of you kindly authenticate and identify this Miu Miu bag? Thank you!
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  9. Please let me know if I can provide more to assist you.
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  11. I'm no authenticator but the quality looks so good I would say 99% real.

    I have posted a few times, plenty of views but no replies..just ignored...good luck with your bag anyway, I've seen it lots of times on google images, it's lovely x
  12. Hello. I have this miumiubag and I want to know if this is real. Thankyou :heart:16683991_1233168696775474_3433526827944331500_n.jpg 16683991_1233168696775474_3433526827944331500_n.jpg 16729181_1233168810108796_1084810782318532141_n.jpg 16832229_1233168786775465_3890767877820060769_n.jpg 16864045_1233168690108808_2454899051001739489_n.jpg 16864165_1233168890108788_5970620079191939489_n.jpg 16864478_1233169026775441_8913463017499957685_n.jpg 16938787_1233168793442131_7254398094371109704_n.jpg 16681983_1233168880108789_8823052719140189075_n.jpg 16683991_1233168696775474_3433526827944331500_n.jpg
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  13. Hi would you please help me authenticating this Miu Miu bag.. i just won the bid but this is my first time buying a Miu Miu bag and don't know whether is it authentic or not.. thank you in advance!

    Item Name : Miu Miu Pleated Check Small 3 Way Shoulder Bag $1290 Currently @Bergdorf Goodman
    Item Number : 262880753636
    Seller ID : shyladydi22
    Link : http://m.ebay.com/itm/262880753636

    Additional photos from the seller :
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  15. IMG_0800.jpgIMG_0801.jpgIMG_0802.jpgIMG_0803.jpgIMG_0804.jpgIMG_0805.jpgIMG_0806.jpg
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