1. what do you guys think of bow ties ? how should they de done , worn etc all opinions no matter how general I would like to hear .
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  2. I like them, they look kinda retro and chic!
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  3. When I see a bow tie,
    Positive: I always think: individual, personal sense of style, not afraid to be different, doesn't follow the crowd. :smile:
    On the negative side:
    sometime the person in the bow tie turns out to be a complete pain:shocked:
  4. When you say bow tie, I think Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl! Great style!
  5. I love bow ties! Make a statement, and don't be afraid to go for colour.
    Bow ties have to be worn with a button shirt; but you could put a sweater (pullover or cardigan) over it if you don't care for a jacket.
  6. Screenshot_2017-01-28-18-57-59.png

    I LOVE the look of a guy in a bow tie, especially with a tuxedo.

    My friend who has just started her business as a furrier has designed some bow ties in mink ! I need to get one for my DH, I am just not entirely sure he will wear it.

    She is on IG @emiloufur
  7. Now this I do like! Not sure how it would be worn though? Not with a dinner suit - perhaps more casual as in the photo.
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  8. I love bow ties but I usually wear them casually in the summer. Something like a silk whale jacquard pattern or a chantily lace?