1. Thank you
  2. I just saw an Instagram photo of the Eiffel Tower and a Ferris wheel. Is that Ferris wheel there all year round? thanks!
  3. If you are talking about the Big Wheel, I believe it is supposed to be temporary (winter).
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  4. Yes
  5. Yes
    Garden something. I can't spell it.
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    Perhaps you mean le grande roue at the entrance to the jardin de Tuileries?
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  7. Yes !! Thank you. I wasn't able to copy the name.
  8. I am so thankful to read that. I have been stressed about this for a week because I thought they were making a decision within the next 2 months or so then I would be at last minute for my trip in June for my teenage son and I! I kept researching online, but found nothing about how quickly it could possibly be implemented.

    I am looking for suggestions for a hotel that is somewhat close to main attractions like Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, or even the shopping area (LV especially) that is safe and not more than $200 per night (USD) if possible. We are going around June 26 to July 1 (fly into Paris on June 23, but going to London for a few days first). Also, what kind of weather should we expect? I read it can get hot, but is it a dry heat or humid?

    Thank you in advance.
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  9. Hi paula3boys! I stayed at the Hotel du Cadran in Rue Cler. It's walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, and really close to the Metro. I am not sure of the rate in June, but it was less than $250 when I stayed there last September. Our room was small but clean, and it's located near lots of restaurants. Enjoy your trip to Paris. I wish I could come back this year!
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  10. I was there 2 years ago in the late June - early July. The weather was ghastly - several days over 100, highest was 104. Everyone was hot and crabby. But this was exceptional. A couple of years before that, it was in the 70s. One really can't predict - I started checking the weather regularly 2 or 3 weeks before leaving home. If I ever go in the summer again, I will be sure to look for a hotel with A/C - many do not have it.

    A trip to Paris is always fab, regardless of weather! This year I went in January - no heat waves then!!
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  11. I am definitely looking for AC!!
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  12. yes AC is not common in Europe. Not every Hotel has one. Always look out for that when you travel to Europe!
  13. maybe look into any local art schools. you may be able to find students looking for work or alums who freelance.
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  14. Try Upwork.com. You can source all kinds of freelancers there, including photographers. But the best bet would be a personal recommendation of course.
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  15. Hello, I'd like to visit Barcelona from Paris for a few days. Does anyone know which website/company would be best for booking the high speed train tickets? I would be booking online from America, if it matters. TIA!

    [edit] Or would it be better to fly between the two cities?