1. That looks real bad.....sorry. SILICA GEL works great (You can buy very large ones at gun stores).
  2. I live in southern california where it's pretty dry, but I thought about leaving my bags in storage for a couple of months - Do you think there's a danger of this happening to my bags as well? how terrifying!
  3. A climate-controlled self-storage would be fine. You need to choose a space that will be cool and dry all year long. I personal would not leave my bags in storage.
  4. OMG that's terrifying!! I didn't realize that could even happen. Well wishes to you! Thanks for the warning...
  5. i had a similar (though not quite that bad) with my expensive leather cycling shoes and gloves....they were in storage and when i retrieved them, they had mold inside and out.....i decided to soak them in a weak solution of clorox bleach (very little bleach necessary, i used 1 tablespoon to a gallon of warm water) i let them soak about 3 minutes, then i rinsed with clear water and used paper towels to dry, then i put them on the deck in the sunshine....happy to report that mold was totally killed, leather was undamaged, and absolutely no lingering mold odor.....if you are feeling like this is a lost cause, it's probably worth the risk

    good luck!
  6. Silica gel was my thought as well. I wonder if there are any fur storage places that might also store your handbags for you? Those are usually pretty climate controlled environments.
  7. This same thing happened to the dust bag of one of my YSL bags as well!
  8. I live in Sydney too, and yes it is this humid. We have 34C 93F and 74% humidity today.
    I am a leatherworker, and have a few tricks for mold. If the leather was hard and shiny, chrome or veg tan, you gentlely wipe with greasy type sunscreen. Buff off. This also works on leather jackets and sofas. Also there is an Italian product called 'tenderly' made by URAD in Milan. This works very well on lighter colours, and white leather sports shoes. Moldy golf shoes! don't get started. Suade and Nubuck can by cleaned with Tenderly. URAD also make 'leathermate' which is great for a conditioning shine. But sunscreen is cheap and here in Oz we all have it (I'm a redhead....fear me...but don't touch the sunscreen!) and for most leathers I have tried it on, it works to both remove mold, condition the leather and restore colour. Looking at the prices charged for 'bag spa' treatments, I could start a business here in Sydney. Is there a Hermes 'spa' here? Never heard of one. For 50$ aus: I clean a whole sofa! And stitch up slits and tears.
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  9. Thank you for the bleach tip and glad it didn't ruin your bag
  10. Yikes! I've seen some like that at auctions I've been to...
  11. I'm so sorry! That's awful. I'm sure I'd be crying over it.
  12. Oh my... Feel sorry to your bag
  13. They are all good now
  14. Just a tip, the Container Store sells weather proof storage boxes. Perhaps they would work well for those trying to keep the humidity and mold away from their bags?
  15. Oh no! So sad :sad: