1. Seriously!!!
  2. I completely agree...
  3. I'm a big fan of Leah Remini's. I hope she knows what she's doing and is very careful.
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  4. Was watching her new show last night, it's interesting. Called "Scientology and the Aftermath". Not sure how long it's been on, does anyone know? I just spotted it on Youtube and it didn't have a date or a season opener that I could find.
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  6. Thank you!
  7. This was an old post but I can confirm - same thing happened with my group of friends and I when we visited SF around 2007. The Scientologists had a table on the sidewalk and were giving out tests, and books. They sat my friend down and gave him a reading, and said certain things so next thing you know, he was crying. I asked them if they were Scientologists and their demeanor shut down very fast. They didn't speak to us after that. I recognized the book from the tabloids, which often covered Scientology because of Tom Cruise.
  8. Wow......
  9. Reminds me of the Scientologists who set up a table at the train station (underground) with books, pamphlets and those tin cans and reading machines. Everyone ignored them.
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    I'm working on this book right now. The author is the niece of Dave & Shelley Miscavige & was born into the church. At the point where I am, she's 18 & is completely brainwashed. Celebs are treated very differently, which she recognizes, but doesn't think is unfair.
    I'll post again if she addresses anything about her aunt's disappearance.
  11. Follow up:
    She just mentions ( in the book) that the police said all was fine.
    The author was very close to Shelly M at one time then says Shelly seemed to turn on her. Her uncle David definitely turned on her.
  12. When Leah Remini filed the report, the police said everything was "fine" too. They wouldn't tell her if they ever laid eyes on Shelley though.
  13. Same response in Hill's book, although the author was so hurt by how her formerly warm & loving aunt Shelly turned on her that I think she wants no further contact with her.