1. Thanks! It is part of the classic line. I hadn't seen it before until I saw it for sale. It has the black and white MBMJ letter print lining and the same yummy leather of the classic bags.
  2. Thanks! Zipper detail is cute and opens in both directions!
  3. The best laptop bag ever. Fits my 13" macbook.
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  4. That's so cute, I love the rose print/details I miss the old MBMJ laptop cases, I had a neoprene one that I found at Aritzia and used all through university but after 4 years it looked beat!
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  5. First time taking out my Classic Cara!
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  6. My new to me blue nylon, purple lining, blk leather trim frog handbag. Works great with my denim outfits
  7. 20170402_091119.jpg
  8. Just got this Gotham Card Case-- it's all packed up and ready to go. My last card holder only had 3 pockets, so I'm finding this one really handy!
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  10. Have you looked on eBay and (if you're in the US) Poshmark? I've seen a lot of fairly priced pieces.
  11. Recruit Crossbody Dove white/Gold