1. here are some pics of the purse in question:
  2. Please authenticate. This Rocco only have 18 columns of studs intead of the normal 19.
  3. Authentic
  4. No red flags, but need to see Made in China tag
  5. I don't see anything that screams fake. Post photos of the engraving on the zipper pulls.
  7. image.png image.png Thank you Boxermom! Here's the MIC pics:
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    Here it is. Also, does the number of studs an indicator of inauthenticity?
  10. This bag is authentic IMO. Every detail is spot on accurate. I have seen fakes with incorrect studs, but the signatures are off, seams, lining, piping.
  11. Thank you for your help!
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    Hi -
    I hope I am posting this correctly. Can you please authenticate.View attachment 3649514 View attachment 3649514 View attachment 3649514 IMG_1762.JPG I purchased a bag that is supposed to be an Alexander Wang rocco, but I'm wary b/c:
    1) The studs don't look like any I've seen on any rocco that is posted for sale - and I've scoured the web
    2) Same with the color/stud - I've seen latte with rose gold stud, but not the gold stud
    3) There is a made in China tag but I can't find any tag with a serial number
    4) zipper pull is blank - is it supposed to be engraved?
    Granted this is the first Alexander Wang rocco bag that I have purchased so I don't have a point of reference, but I have not seen a pic of this exact bag anywhere.