1. It is a great everyday bag. I've been using my black/marina regular size bucket for months now, without changing it out and it is holding up really well with everyday use.
  2. I will say the same thing. Mine as hold up very well, is less stiff than when it was brand new but has not loose its shape at all.
  3. Got my mini black bucket with ballerina interior a couple of days ago! Love it! I used to have the mini mini but I found I wasn't using it much since I have other bags in the same size that I prefer. The mini holds way more and fits my every day needs.

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  4. Such a beauty! Congrats!
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  5. .
  6. Oh my goodness, how did you tie that gorgeous knot?!?
  7. I tied like this. And it's so much easier to open and close than tying a bow.
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  8. Ohh I never thought to loop it over the original strap and then under the loops, this makes the knot much neater!
  9. IMG_1489878963.778145.jpg
    Love this bag!
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  11. IMG_1844.JPG My new large burgundy bucket! Love the color, almost looks like a deep chocolate.
  12. Beautiful colour!!
  14. IMG_1494244787.675367.jpg
    Mighty pleased with my Blush-coloured Mini Mini!
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  15. Does the mini mini come with pouch inside? I ask cuz NM has two "mini mini" on the site one that comes with pouch and one that doesn't