1. Does 54 sound fair for the heart coin purses at the outlet? Bc I saw that they were 25-40 during the Tory burch private sale. Thanks!

  2. I saw it for $45 I believe during the Private Sale!
  3. I called both outlet stores in Texas several times, no answer.....smh
  4. Outlets get really busy over the weekend which is probably why there was no answer
  5. 40% off at outlets with an additional 25% on select styles.
  6. Are there any user or third party websites that provide more details or maintains a database about whats available (product names, style numbers, etc...) at the Tory Burch Outlets? I'm asking because it seems a lot (most?) of the merchandise at outlets is "made for outlet" and no information is available through the offical website.
  7. Be careful to buy from eBay.
  8. :cloud9:
  9. Anyone know if the outlets deliver?
  10. Went to the Wrentham store today. Love the staff there - always friendly and helpful:smile: Most of the store was 30% off, with a few sections at 50%.
    I did some damage. They had the vachetta hand-painted t-tote - and it was love at first sight. It was marked down, and then 30% off. I know I will have to be careful with it, but the tote is gorgeous. I also picked up a Robinson lanyard (also marked down and then an extra 30%.) I am a teacher and my keys are always falling off of my lanyard (drives me crazy) - this looks well made, and it has a small zipper section, which is a bonus.
    They had a large vacation type display and I found a cute neoprene cosmetic pouch - I have a destination wedding in the Caribbean coming up, so this will be perfect.
    I hope you can tell I had fun!
  11. That is an excuse in my book and bad customer service.
  12. Perhaps, but if they're short-staffed or have a ton of customers (which is usually the case at my outlet) it makes sense to tend to the customers who are physically there - if they ignored them and were dealing with clients over the phone, the customers in-store would complain. It's impossible to please everyone.
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  13. Heading to the Clarksburg outlet to pick up some items with my $50 off for my bday. Any good sales at the outlet right now?
  14. I was at TPO yesterday and they had 50% off, but I think that ended yesterday, not sure what the new promotion is but you could always call and ask if you'd like to know before making the trip. They usually have 30% off though and clearance is always extra.
  15. Remember at outlets you have to take "50% off" with a soup spoon of salt as if it's a made-for-outlet item then the "clearance price" is actually the price it was always intended to be sold at and was never sold anywhere for the MSRP on the tag.

    My rule of thumb with Tory Burch stuff is if it's not (or never was) on the official TB website, then don't buy it.