should I keep it, or exchange it for a different color and skin?

  1. Keep it

  2. Exchange it

  1. Hi, and good evening to all.
    My sister got me a Valentino croco bag and a shoes , and I thought I would share.
    I was surprised actually I've never showed interest in Valentino bags.

    Tell me what do you guys think, cuz I don't know if I really like the color and the skin! should I exchange it!

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  2. Wow, what a lovely gift!
    Only you know your style, so exchange it if it's not to your tastes, or keep it and give it a go.
    The shoes are in a classic shade, so pretty hard to go wrong with them, but no shame if not your thing.
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  3. +1
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  4. I love that bag! I would keep it. But if you aren't happy with it and won't use it exchange it if you can. It doesn't make sense to just keep it packed away. :smile:
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  5. I absolutely love both of them. What has you on the fence?
  6. i like the shoes, but not the handbag. but if you like it you should keep it.
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  7. Congratulations with both of the beautiful pieces. The leather of this bag is however glossy snakeskin... If your sister were informed in the store that this is crocodile, then I suggest you talk with someone about that ;)
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  8. وااايد حلوين
  9. Both are lovely, What did you decide? Yes, it's snakeskin not croc.
  10. Shoes are classic, definitely keep the shoes. If I could afford exotics and if they matched my wardrobe I would keep them
  11. They are both stunning I think you should keep them!
  12. did you keep the bag?
    if so, can you post any mod pic of you wearing it? as i'm thinking about purchasing the same bag, but can't decide on the small or medium size.
  13. Yes I have it still . I will send you some picture
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  14. that would be great! awaiting your picture :heart:
    do you get to wear this bag regularly?