1. Pretty pink!
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    Sally Hansen gel Pat On The Black
    This was my first time doing an at home gel manicure and I think it turned out well.View attachment 3632259
  3. I don't know why the picture isn't showing up. Let's try this again. IMG_1489415233.601089.jpg
  4. Sally Hansen Babe Blue with the Miracle Gel Top Coat. Such a pretty transition from winter to spring I think!
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  5. IMG_1489611235.747867.jpg
    Marc Jacobs - Nirvana
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  6. ^GORGEOUS on your beautiful nails!

    ^you're right, it's a very happy Spring blue!

    ^cool & edgy mani!
  7. Zoya Paloma layered with Zoya Gilty gold flakies.
  8. Love the added flakes!
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  9. Thanks! I wish they were bigger, I had to fish them out to get enough on the brush so that was a bit frustrating
  10. This color looks great on you.
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  11. Hello ladies. I need some help picking up a color as gift for my girlfriend's birthday. I heard her say that she likes the color mouse grey. As a guy I have no clue what mouse grey is, but I went online and I found this [​IMG] So I am asking kindly for help in case someone knows where I can find this color
    Thank you in advance
  12. I'm a big fan of Zoya and their very decent selection of colors, try going to their site and seeing if there's a grey to match? Zoya Tao is a tad darker, and not a creme, but might work though. I'm sure China Glaze, Essie will have something similar. I tried searching my stash for this exact shade and surprised to find I don't have one... my greys are lacking!

    Good luck in your search! Ulta is a good start if you don't have other local nail supply shops.
  13. Hello and thank you for your response I did some more research and I found this [​IMG] but apparently it was a product of 2010 and is no longer available. I also found this product https://www.nailsetcusa.com/collections/uv-gel/products/gel-colour-fx-mouse-grey-no36-dp-1844?variant=32893769027 but i have no idea if the company is credible enough.
  14. IMG_1490015093.251676.jpg
    OPI Gelcolor in "I Think in Pink" and "Alpine Snow"
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