1. I've been looking at the Leo in gunmetal and black velvet. Kind of leaning toward gunmetal since everything else I'm wearing is black. I want something large enough to carry my iPhone 6+ and other necessities without having to pack things back in after I've retrieved something. I'm kind of avoiding glitter and crystals, afraid of snags in my crepe dress.

    Hesitating on buying, wondering if it will look too casual, especially with the zipper trim, and/or too big? I'm not much of a clutch person, so may not use it much, although it could be repurposed for an iPad case or something.

    Appreciate any opinions, thank you.
  2. You have a pic you can post?
  3. Hey! I have a few Leo clutches and really like them. They can fit quite a bit and it has card slots built in or you could use a small thin wallet. Mine are all in the glitter and I find them fine for a formal event or date night with jeans on. I don't find them to big but you have to watch how you pack your stuff or it can mishape the bag. You could even use it for your iPad too.. that's a good idea! :smile:
  4. Bought the black velvet on sale. Waited too long to decide and the gunmetal is no longer available, and that one might be a bit more versatile. The event is months away, so I'll keep looking, but I have the blk velvet Leo if I can't find anything else. Spent a small fortune (for me) on the dress and shoes, so trying to watch my dollars on the rest. I've seen some really beautiful larger evening bags, but not in my budget.

    Thanks for the help.
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