1. The look on that widdle face :giggle: Why are you pointing the listenin' device at us, Person?

    I wondered what they look like - in a word, gross - yellow Poops, not Peeps :giggle::giggle::giggle:
    I've learned so much from TPF :biggrin:
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  2. More info about Peeps. I never noticed the chocolate covered ones, but they do look like Poops. :smile:
  3. Very informative, thank you @cats n bags :biggrin:
    I love how they gloss over the fact these are mainly air, sugar and animal sinews :sick:
    That chocolate Poop, sorry, Peep, is going to give me nightmares. :biggrin:
    On another note, those candy apples....nomnomnomnom
  4. Isn't it funny, how life works out sometimes? Fourteen years ago tonight, I came home from work to find my rented flat in absolute chaos - completely flooded, water streaming through every ceiling, the kitchen ceiling caved in completely and my two cats perched up on the top of the sofa, looking at me with round, terrified eyes. I went through the most horrendous time in the weeks and months after, but ultimately it led me to a home of my own - Butterbean Towers. I hated the area I was living in back then - sometimes *something*, Fate, perhaps, gives you the shove in the pants you don't know you need and it sets you on the path you are meant to take. :flowers:
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  5. I find it harder to imagine you with *only* two cats than to picture the destruction you describe
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  6. :lol::lol::lol: Poopsie speaks the truth
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  7. Lol... so much better than what my mind was conjuring up :biggrin: thanks poopsie
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  8. I was thinking of that very thing this morning. On a weekend - and if Clyde would let me sleep in, I used to get up after 9am, pop a couple of bowls of food down for him and BonBon, make myself a coffee, spend a leisurely hour or so over breakfast and the papers before doing my chores. These days - well, I was up at 5.15 this morning, cleaned the trays, wiped up the obligatory pool or two of yark, vacuumed, fed the maniacs, washed their bowls, steam cleaned the floors, put the first of several loads in the washing machine, let the Ocado delivery man in, put away twelve bags of groceries and cat food, had a quick shower and *finally* at just after 8am, sat down with a coffee. At which point, George realised he'd eaten his brefus that little bit too fast, burped, and...well, I don't need to paint a picture of that, do I...
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  9. As a kid, Peeps were my favorite Easter treat. Now the sugar level is almost sickening. They've begun making them for other holidays, so children can get cavities year 'round.
  10. its all about the reeses easter eggs. :O
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  11. Hard to believe that we're coming up to four years since the former little Miss ihateyou joined BBT. She was never going to win Mother of the Year award, but my goodness, Angel is such a lovebug these days...:love: One thing I know for sure - she loves her mama...and I'm so happy she decided BBT is the right place for her.
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  12. Mmmmmm Reeses....
  13. How is the newer Miss I Hate You settling in?? Are you still looking for a new foster home for her?
  14. You read my mind!