1. I "revealed" this way, way back but realized that (1) I haven't posted it here and (2) I miss using it so I need to take it out for a spin soon. It's to gorgeous too be sitting in a closet for a long time.

  2. THIS IS GORGEOUS! Love the way the hardware contrasts with the green.
  3. ps&val.jpg

    Giving my old Classic a new look today :smile:
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  4. I love this bag and think about buying one pretty soon. I am into smaller bags nowadays (recently bought the Balenciaga Mini City). I have just one question I wish you can help me with it. Why do I see other PS11 bags having two buckles underneath/front and others like yours don't? Are the others older versions?
  5. I'm no PS expert, but, yes, I think it's the older versions of the Mini that have the buckle. The classic size still has the buckles, from what I know.
  7. Wow...this strap is so gorgeous! This looks pretty cool! What manufacturer/designer is it?
  8. Thanks:smile:
    Strap is the Valentino Rockstud Camu Butterfly.
  9. Think it's the difference between the classic and the mini!