1. Hermès!
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  2. Louis Vuitton
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  3. Balenciaga
  4. Louis Vuitton :heart:
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  5. COACH AND GUCCI but I have some guilty pleasure sub forums...:angel:
  6. Chanel :biggrin:
  7. Hermes!
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  8. Bags Bags Bags!
  9. Hermes:biggrin::loveeyes:
  10. LV :heart:
  11. Authenticate this...only because Im in the learning stages still...lol but I am posting more in the Question Of The Week forum and enjoy it!
  12. Goyard! I have been waiting for so long to pull the trigger on one of their bags and each time I say "I need to think some more." Always in there doing research!
  13. YSL or Valentino :heart:
  14. :heart:Chanel:heart: (then Balenciaga)
  15. Hair Mess
    Pardonnez moi mon français
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