1. I am moving into a new condominium in a couple of months. I had a Dyson at my last house and decided not to "pack" it and donated when I moved. I have decided to treat myself to a new Miele vacuum and would love any and all recommendations.

    My new condominium will have mainly wood floors. The only exception is tile in the two bathrooms.

    I have two small doxies, which believe it or not, do not shed too terribly.

    I have researched the Miele website and their seems to be many options.

    Thanking everyone in advance!
  2. I have the cat & dog and would recommend it.
  3. I have a canister, I think it is a Quartz? I love it. I purchased the extra long/wide hardwood floor attachment (forgot what it is called) which is definitely worth it.

    I also have a Miele stick vacuum for my upstairs and I dont like that one as much. It is heavier than I expected and doesnt seem as well made.
  4. Thank you both!