1. Yes, Tods does use this lining.
  2. Please help me with this bag. Want to gift it on my Wife's birthday later this month. I want all of yours help in Authenticating & Making Best Offer i.e. Estimating the best worth of this Bag.

    Item Name: TOD'S G-LINE EASY SACCA GRANDE-(The Forever 'IT' Bag
    Listing number: 272567770960
    Seller name or ID: rbeshop
    Working Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TODS-G-LINE-EASY-SACCA-GRANDE-The-Forever-IT-Bag/272567770960

    Comments: What would be the fair purchase price for this bag?
  3. The pictures in the listing are not sufficient to offer an opinion on authenticity. I need pictures of the bottom, close up of the hardware embossing, entire inside zipper, leather tab inside the pocket, clearer (not so dark) picture of the inside lining.

  4. Thank you. I will ask the seller to share some more pics.
  5. Link is for a wallet, a fake wallet.
  6. Thank you. We call that a purse in the UK :smile:
  7. Just and FYI, we can only offer authenticity opinions. Only you can decide if it i a fair price. I just checked the listing and the seller has not added more photos.
  8. Hi can u authenticate this Tods? Thanks
    It is Bauletto
  9. Pictures needed for an opinion:
    Front shot, back shot, bottom, close up of hardware embossing, full zipper, inside tab, & lining.
  10. Thx, will ask the seller to send pics
  11. Here is more pics, thx for yr help
    Does "italy" in "Made in Italy" seem okay?
  12. Authentic
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