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  2. Authentic
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  3. Hi Corame - not sure if you saw my response but hoping to find out what looked off on this bag. I wanted to let the seller know if I return it.

    Thanks so much for your time!
  4. Oh my goodness!
    I asked the Seller when she bought the bag and she said 18 months ago and I was thinking hmm, why is she selling it for so cheap if its so new. But thanks so much Corame! I was actually seriously considering this bag! You saved me! :smile: Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks soo much Corame! The mustard colour of the Chloe Marcie looks so pretty. I dont know how you know its fake, but I am super thankful for your expertise! I will continue to keep an eye out on other potential Chloe bags that I can consider. You're doing a fantastic job and so so helpful. Hopefully I can purchase my first Chloe with your help! :amuse:
  6. Thank you so muhc Corame. At least 1 of the 3 that I was considering is authentic! Hmmm, should I or shouldnt I consider this bag? Hahaha. Decisions decisions! Thanks Carame for your help!
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  7. I need to see close look of all prints hologram and code.
  8. We do not give hints here. I am sorry.
    Most of those sellers are between us and they will know what "fake" to search next time for selling purpose.
  10. I really dont know. It's your decission.
    You know what you like.
  11. I bought it ar Vestiaire Collective, and since the stories are not that well I hope this Forum can help me.
    I'm not sure what you mean with code and hologram. I've added a picture with the inside code , but there should be anotherone? And where can I find the hologram? I'm sorry for the questions ☺️
  12. On the back of the code and on the card.