1. My first Prada was a bag - double bag in black with red interior.
  2. IMG_1475177672.296083.jpgIMG_1475177691.989290.jpg

    My first one, from the Space Outlet in Italy.

    Really wanted a special color until I realized it would be hard with all my colored coats (and now own two designers bags in black. Only means color goals for the future ) . Chose the patent one, to give it a twist and hoping it will keep up better with all the rain here in Europe.
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  3. My first prada was a wallet, i had been eyeing it for months. I initially bought it to use on vacation out of the country as its large so it could hold my passport, 6 plus, ample card slots, etc. I love it, it is pebbled leather so it gets dirty very easily & has nearly given me a heart attack a few times. Prada recommended i take it to a couture purse cleaner(all i had on it was a small spot of makeup). I bought leather cleaner for $10 at Michael kors and it worked beautifully. I actually use it as a clutch frequently due to its size.
  4. My first prada purchase is a metropoli nylon handle bag
  5. Prada double bag in Daino leather :smile:
  6. This is my first Prada purchase. I was looking for a pretty key holder for awhile and now I have it. ️IMG_1482806501.505753.jpgIMG_1482806553.420184.jpg
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  7. This was my first Prada purchase too! Bought the exact same pink one in early December :smile: Looking at adding a Prada Cuir double bag to my collection but I can't decide on a size :sad:
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  8. That bag is gorgeous in any size! I would try all of them, see what I need to fit there and go for it. :tup:
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  9. My first Prada! New-to-me authenticated jeweled clutch. Love it!

  10. Cinsidering a Vitello Diano and just wanted to see how yours is holding up?
  11. Do you still like your bag. I'm thinking of purchasing it and wanted to get feedback. TIA!
  12. Officially my first purchase was a card holder, but I just got my first Prada bag and I love it. A Vitello Daino tote in black.
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  13. Prada Duffle Bag. It's literally been all over the world and more conservative than the LV Monogram canvas keepall
  14. IMG_1490458727.427465.jpg

    Just bought this beauty preloved!! If anyone could let me know what style it is that would be great?!
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