1. Hi everyone,

    Disclaimer: If this post belongs in another forum/ group, or if one exists, please direct me there and delete this thread. Apologies in advance if this is the case. Finally, I am not looking to have my bag authenticated on this thread as I know there is a corresponding thread.

    I have had my Antigona authenticated externally and not via PurseForum, as I purchased my bag off an official website. However, this website/ company is getting sued by multiple ladies who purchased counterfeit bags off them after the website stated it was authentic.

    Luckily, or so I hope, my Antigona has come back as authentic. The authenticator was extremely lovely and did research on my particular Antigona for months before getting back to me, so I respect her opinion. However, sometimes even the best authenticators can miss things and I would appreciate several other opinions as I am planning on selling the bag if it is authentic.

    I guess my question is for all you bag connoisseurs, what do you think I should do, and do you know any authenticators that specialize in Givenchy or authenticators that have a great reputation. I have been told to go to ******************, but I have heard they may think my bag is unauthentic due to how small parts of my Antigona has changed since it is from when it first entered the market.

    TIA x
  2. Just my opinion but peace of mind for me is everything. If it took an authenticator MONTHS to get back to me, that would lead to major doubt for me and back it would go. I wouldn't care the circumstances. File a paypal claim, credit card dispute. Doesn't matter, it would go back
  3. I was informed that the authenticator has worked with a large company who are known for being excellent in authentication and that the bag was made when the Antigona first released, hence why it took a long time to check as small changes had been made since it was first released. I do believe there was a delay in my authentication as it was during the Christmas period, but nonetheless, I was told it was a difficult bag to authenticate.

    I did pay for the bag in late 2015 and was reassured by the company I purchased of that it was authentic, as well as contact bloggers who had the same bag also praising the company, so I didn't need to authenticate it. However, when girls started talking about suing the company, that's when I decided to take action, however, I am worried if it has been too long.

    Thank you though, if you have any reccomendations of authenticators that could help toughen my case up if I do need to file a complaint!
  4. I would go with my intuition. It's like with medical issues - its never too bad to get second opinion.
  5. Thanks Lisa, I did this and ****************** said my Givenchy was a replica. I'm now confused with what to do and if I should get a third opinion :sad:
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  6. At this point can you just send it back and buy it elsewhere? I wouldn't enjoy my bag if I had any doubt in my mind about it being authentic
  7. I've messaged them and am now waiting for a reply for a refund, fingers crossed it goes through smoothly, and yes, regardless of it being a confusing bag, I wouldn't want any doubts with the bag especially for the price I paid for it :sad:
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