1. Thanks TB! I was looking at the picture and realized Juliette is almost the same height as a grande (medium) coffee cup. I never thought I'd happily carry a bag this small! But she's almost weightless when she's on my shoulder, which makes her perfect for walking and shopping!
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  2. 20170320_150427.jpeg I carried her for the first time today. Very nice...... it was nice to have my hands free. And she was a nice pop of color on a dreary day.
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  3. I love the color of your new handbag. Glad you enjoyed using it. Pink handbags, clothing, watches all seem to be
    very appealing now that we are looking forward to spring.
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  4. I find myself buying more hands free bags lately. They are great. Glad she work out for you :smile:
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  5. Wow BW!!!! She looks amazing! And she screams Spring too! So glad you're enjoying her, I'm still loving mine!
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  6. Hello everyone! Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the Alto leather ages. I've been checking out the designs and I love them, but I'm looking for a leather that wears and softens and looks loved with use…I personally am not concerned with scratches, but I would like a bag that develops a nice slouch with use. TIA!!
  7. Just got this one in the mail and already moved in....

  8. Perfect introduction to spring. What is the pattern called?
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  9. Thanks. It's the garden floral satchel.... :smile:
  10. Nice one. I can certainly understand the attraction. Very pretty colors and print!
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  11. Hi Belle, welcome! The Alto leather is a stiff structured leather that I feel is not best for everyday use. Scratches tend to stay with the bag and I'm not sure it softens very well. I think a Florentine leather bag would be better for what you are looking for. Of course you should get what you love and these are my opinions. If you get a new bag please come on back and show us.
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  12. Mini cross over Florentine (Navy)