1. Omg we're sort of twins haha mine is in white!

    This is one of my favorite color combos from Céline. It looks great!!
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  2. Love the contrasting colors on this bag, beautiful!
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  3. Yes it does for the small Trotteur.
  5. Aww yay!! I'm so happy I influenced you into such a beautiful bag I wish I had the funds at the time to buy both, but I'm still in love with mine and have added a few more since. Just haven't done another reveal
  6. I love the color combo of your micro! It is stunning.
  7. I love the peaking blue!
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  8. Navy medium classic BoxIMG_1490839519.306626.jpg
  9. my trio
  10. Looks great! I have the same Acne Studios sweater! Its really nice!!
  11. Black medium Trapeze paired with the silver knot bracelet

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  12. Not only is you puppy cute, but the color combo of your bag is divine. Love the orange.
  13. Your blazer is wonderful - just wondering where it's from
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  14. Look what I found in Taiwan. A very nice condition Bi Cabas.
    Totally in love with my cabas now. :heart::heart: