1. Hi! Would like to ask for your assistance authenticating this Fendi bag.

    Item: Fendi Pequin Bucket bag (vintage)

    Item ID: N/A

    Seller ID: friend

    Link: N/A


    I told seller that the Fendis I've had consist of long serial numbers. Just odd that this is too short. It has no hologram sticker either. She said because it was vintage. Thanks sooo much!
  2. I would please like this bag authenticated.
    ITEM: Fendi 3 jours
    It was bought from Last Chance in Phoenix, AZ. Last Chance is a clearance store owned by Nordstrom. As far as I know the things they sell are coming directly from Nordstrom stores so they should be authentic but after looking at my bag I'm not so sure anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Hello kind people, please help me authenticate this Fendi Monster micro backpack charm (I am unsure of its official name). I purchased this at Winners (Canadian equivalent of Marshalls) but have noticed that the clasps are not in the same position as the pictures I've seen online. Please kindly advise. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi experts:

    TBH I don't know if this listing even exists anymore, I just happen to run into it, but I don't know this one seems so surreal, here are the details

    Item Name (if you know it): FENDI "Pasta"black leather bag with twist rope stitch design
    Link (if available, if not, provide source): https://www.1stdibs.com/fashion/handbags-purses-bags/crossbody-bags-messenger-bags/fendi-pastablack-leather-bag-twist-rope-stitch-design/id-v_2498183/
    Attach photos:
    2498183_z.jpg Borsa_Fendi_c_z.jpg Borsa_Fendi_e_z.jpg Borsa_Fendi_f_z.jpg Borsa_Fendi_firma_z.jpg

    Thank you so much for the help, I loved it for my mom, it's so her style.
  5. Hi- I purchased this fendi monster wallet on eBay and am not convinced it it authentic because it does not have a hologram sticker. I have attached the requested pictures and seller info as requested.

    item name: NIB Fendi monster eyes pink leather chain wallet clutch Bag; Rtl $1150
    seller: hot_couture1
    link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Fendi-monster-eyes-pink-leather-chain-wallet-clutch-Bag-Rtl-1150/222442061836?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D41668%26meid%3Dc61492101e0940bfa5653af053a55028%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D222430141211
    item number: 222430141211

    IMG_6594.JPG IMG_6595.JPG IMG_6596.JPG IMG_6597.JPG IMG_6598.JPG IMG_6599.JPG IMG_6600.JPG IMG_6601.JPG IMG_6602.JPG IMG_6603.JPG
  6. Hi! I'm not such an expert but from what I can see in your pictures the item is authentic, Fendi stopped using the hologram years ago and they now work with RFID tags.
    I can also see that in the 5th photo the wallet has an ID card, if you have doubts and have a Fendi boutique near you they can help you, I think they must have an RFID reader, but to be honest, authentic things are easily noticeable when several details in there, the chain looks very good, the vitello looks quite nice as well and also the stitching and logos seem right, the stitching is even and slightly angled, which is a trait of Fend craftsmanship.

    I hope I was able to help.

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  7. Another thing, one very important trait of Fendi is the zippers, in the 5th photo as well the ending of the zipper has the Fun Fur logo, a counterfeit couldn't easily incorporate that.
  8. Hi, I'm not sure if the authenticators are going to reply you, they're been unavailable for don't know how long. But as memo.alive said, Fendi has stopped using hologram sticker as a form of authentication. I once had the same concern because of my peekaboo didn't have one, having failed to get opinions here, I took to my local boutique and they have advised me as long as there's a RFID, well a real RFID, then you are fine, they have a reader to check it. Some fake ones they have it too, but it's not sealed all the way, and when you try to rub the tag, you can't feel something plastic inside. Your bag definitely looks convincing. Also the tag with serial numbers, it states the production year is 2015, if you have something from the same year and with a hologram sticker, I would instead get that item authenticated, as it really shouldn't be in use.
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  9. HI there, I'm new to pf.. Could you kindly please authenticate Fendi peekaboo. From private seller.
    Item Name (if you know it): Fendi peekaboo medium
    Seller: private seller
    Thank you in advance for your kind attention.
  10. Dear all,
    Bought this bag from a discount store. Since it is my first time buying a Fendi bag, I would really appreciate your expert opinion. Could someone help me to authenticate this Fendi bag? Thank you very much! Please see photos attached.

    Item Name: Fendi 2Jours Petite Lightbulb Satchel Bag, Black/Yellow
    Serial Number: 8BH253-67K-168-8762

    IMG_4585.JPG IMG_4586.JPG IMG_4587.JPG IMG_4588.JPG IMG_4590.JPG IMG_4591.JPG IMG_4593.JPG IMG_4600.JPG IMG_4605.JPG IMG_4606.JPG
  11. oooooooh! KOOL!... I don't know nothin' about Fendi... BUT FYI the Authenticators seem to be MIA..
  12. Lovely peekaboo, once again, not an authenticator, but from the photos it all seems to point it is indeed authentic, the Fun fur logo on the zipper, also the jacquard lining is consistent, the documentation in the new white ID card and envelopes looks good, and also, no hologram, which is consistent to new models since the hologram was discontinued, the branding also looks good and well made, the stitching is also even and angled, vitello seems correct, as it shines the proper way and seems to have the correct pattern, lastly the buttons have the "FENDI Roma" and the studs at the bottom have the Fun Fur logo.
  13. Hi!
    From the photos it all seems to be ok, but there's something that bugs me, as far as I know, Fendi uses either the hologram sticker or the RFID tag, I'm not aware if in some years of production while they were moving to the RFID tags they included the hologram and also the RFID tag, I see in a photo that the bag has both the tag and also the hologram, I wouldn't get ahead and make a definitive amateur veredict but, setting the RFID with hologram pairing, it all seems consistent, now, you could ask the seller to take a clearer photo of the bottom of the bag, it is important to check of the studs at the bottom of the bag indeed have the Fun fur logo engraved correctly, also, if you could ask the seller to take a picture of the inside of the central panel, so the zipper is visible, and take a look of the zipper also contains the Fun fur logo at the end of it, also it would be wise to ask the seller to take a picture of the hardware on the handle, since both squares must have "FENDI" engraved ON ONE SIDE ONLY.

    Hope this helps.
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  14. Hi, is your RFID sealed all the way? And can you feel there's something inside when rubbing it? I'm not an authenticator but in order for the reader to scan the RFID, there need to be something that can be scanned to begin with if you know what I mean. So if you can't see anything or feel anything, may not be a good sign.
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