1. I guess the logo isn't the only thing coming back. I haven't seen Dior bags available for purchase online since eLuxury (I still miss that site). Saw this on Saks.com:
    I wonder if they'll have more bags in the future.
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  2. I miss eluxury. It was where I got a lot of information about Dior products that were not available on their website.

    Dior's currently testing this model with Saks, and I think that it can open the door to more products being available, as well as more partnerships with other online retailers.
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  3. I bought my first Dior bag from eLuxury. LV and Dior in one magical place. I could probably wax nostalgic for awhile lol.

    I really hope they start offering more pieces online. I don't live near a Dior boutique, so I'd love the convenience of online shopping.
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  4. I think a couple of the high end department stores used to sell the lady Dior online and stopped somewhere around 2012. I saw them while browsing online but never bought one back then. It seems to me that they wanted to try and become really exclusive. However, the growth in ecommerce is so much part of today's society that it has to be a future focus one would think. i also wonder when Dior will start selling bags online in the US like they do in a bunch of European countries.