1. IMG_1488593503.842693.jpg
    Ciara grommet messenger in oyster. Purchased from my local Michael Kors outlet. Really love this color, it's like a biege with a little hint of pink.
  2. I haven't purchased a new MK in a while but bought both of these for an upcoming NY trip.

    Stylish crossbody (Raven) and the perfect wedding bag (Sloan)...️

  3. Perfect choices!
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  4. Love this Raven bag. Is it fairy large ?do you have any modeling pics? Curious of size
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  5. Thank you. It is a larger crossbody but a medium sized bag. Sadly, I'm already in my pj's but I will add a modeling pic tomorrow... :smile:
  6. Thank you.... :biggrin:
  7. image.jpeg Here's my new Mercer duffle in Cinder. Bonton has these onsale.
  8. IMG_1489678244.626776.jpg
  9. I've been carrying my large, coffee Selma all winter! I love this bag and color!

    Watermarked Coffee Selma 2.jpg
  10. Beautiful colour, than again I love the colours of all your Selmas! I wish more brands would do this shade of brown alongside the cognac/luggage colour since I own a lot of footwear (mostly boots) in this darker brown leather so it'd be nice to have a bag that matches.
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  11. This is making me want to go on the cyber stalk for a arge Coffee Selma!!! :graucho:
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  12. Call me crazy but sometimes the "hunt" for a bag is half the thrill tPF is the only place I could probably say that and not be considered COMPLETELY insane
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  13. New purchase from Macy's...raspberry Jet set crossbody! I've been wanting a pink bag, even though I'm not sure it will work with my wardrobe . I like fuschia better, but not in this bag for some weird reason. I don't think I'd wear pink enough to justify it in a larger bag. Anyways, she's beautiful and was on sale! IMG_1490055327.240575.jpgIMG_1490055339.348092.jpg
  14. What a fun pop of color!!!