1. Aww this is beautiful and silk is the best.its so versatile for all seasons and it's comfortable for so many of your upcoming events
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  2. This is beautiful Mimmy.We will be waiting for your mod shotsblessings
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  3. Thank you, girleuro!
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  4. That is gorgeous, I love the colours!
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  5. Great question and reminder, bake!

    For myself I want to stay within budget because I got used to buying things when I liked them (within a reasonable price) even though I didn't necessarily have a need for it, but I still found it difficult to get dressed more often than not. I wanted more long lasting and relevant items for my style, which I am getting closer to finding/perfecting these last couple of years as I get to my early 30s (I now feel I know more about myself than I ever have). With bags and designer items, I did find myself falling into what seemed like a norm for spending and sometimes caught myself focused on brands than the quality of the product themselves. Add those reasons all up and I just wanted to make myself more conscientious of my purchases pertaining to quality and style and a price limit helped me to really ask myself if I loved it that much to cut into my planned budget.
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  6. There are items though that are really worth their quality and ideally I'd like to get them at the lowest price point possible haha, but I am ok to spend more if it really means getting what I paid for, like Burberry coats hehe.
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  7. Soooo pretty!!!! I'd love to see how you'll style it. :smile:
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  8. Exactly eggtartapproved quality not quantity that's how I think as well
  9. Oh to be accountable, I should confess I went over my quarterly benchmark to keep myself on budget so I will have to watch my spending in Q2 if I want to be on budget this year. But I'm super happy with my purchases
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  10. After taking out the bag of stuff for my friend and her sister, I bought a dress.

    $85 for a dress. I forget how much I've spent this quarter. Lol.
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  11. I'm so tired of my stuff. I've made a wishlist for the season with a few staples and trends key items (yup I can't resist trends...) and will stop there. That's already quite a budget!
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  12. Would you mind sharing what your staples are?
  13. Wishlists are a good idea! I keep making one and then forget to take it with me when I go shopping.
  14. Wore my new skirt like this today and got compliments from 3 people who never comment on what I wear! (Apologies for annoying everyone with posts on this skirt, I promise, it to be the last - for a while.)
  15. Can we see it?
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