1. You ladies & gents are so terrific for sharing your codes..:heart:
  2. What can you even buy with all these exclusions. It's ridiculous.
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  3. I know, right? With all those exclusions, you might as well go shop at Macy's!
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  4. Is there a promo code out right now that I didn't receive?
  5. ^^ there is a GC event going on today and tomorrow for online purchases.
  6. Use SAKS15OFF for 15% off on the website -- not sure about brand exclusions.
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    10% off on cosmetics too! Nothing seems to be excluded. Go nuts people before they update the website. PS - they extended the gift card promotion too so it's really a good deal today
  8. Is a code needed?
  9. I tried using SAKS15OFF on Louboutins but the pair I put in my cart was excluded. A Rag & Bone blazer, however, it worked!

    Madison Avenue Spy is reporting that Saks Friends and Family PRESALE has begun, and the F&F event for EVERYONE will run next week through April 2. So you may want to wait for that 25% off!
  10. Madison Ave Spy is frequently wrong about her information and since today is the 22nd of March, I'm thinking 15% off is as good as it's going to get.
  11. It's March 29-April 2, according to a post card I got today. Online starting the 28th. No info re specific designer exclusions.
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  12. I called my Saks store and they said presale has started for card holders. The 15 off works for Burberry and balmain! Unfortunately not for what I really want.
  13. Ugh. That is a good deal! Of course, I just saw this AFTER I made a big purchase at Nordstrom in the beauty department. :sad: Oh well, at least Nordstrom had triple points and a gift for La Mer.
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  14. Do they mention what the discount is on fine jewelry?
  15. It says 20% off jewelry and excludes leased departments, e.g., Cartier.
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