1. The first one is probably fake.
    I'd like to see a better photo of the creed stamp and serial number of the "Binocular Bag" - from a little farther away, and straight on, not angled. The third digit isn't what it should be and I can't read the first 2 at all. There's at least one more problem besides the hardware problems you already mentioned. When and where did you buy it, and do you still have the link for the original selling site or auction?
  2. Many thanks, Hyacinth and Whateve for your help! Well, this is just getting embarrassing - when I went to take a photo of the creed straight-on, I realized that the creed itself is angled! Nonetheless, I tried getting better photos of it by angling the camera, and am attaching them. I'm wondering if another thing wrong with it is the color of the stitching as well as the overall shape? I purchased the bag recently from someone on eBay from whom I had received a very nice bag before that was authenticated here, and expected to receive another one of the same quality. When I go back to look at the listing more carefully, it's evident that the strap rings are a different color than the turnlock. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-coach-bucket-bag-/112334723494?hash=item1a27abd9a6%3Ag%3APwEAAOSw4A5YnJff&nma=true&si=lHBmeTZjnDQ49e8kasF7hStDE3U%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

    I've been careless lately; as long as I'm embarrassing myself I should say I also recently purchased another bag without seeing the creed because I wanted to get it before the auction ended. I've already contacted the seller and we have made arrangements for me to return it. There was no need to ask you to look at that one! I'm attaching a photo of the creed so you can see why. :smile:
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    Now do you understand why we keep telling posters over and over to NEVER buy a Coach without seeing a clear photo of the creed and serial number? And why they should always authenticate them here first before buying? Just because a seller has one (possibly) genuine bag doesn't mean that all of them are.

    ETA - Here's what I mean. Your seller steviewandersvintage just had a Completed listing for "Black Vintage Coach Mini-messenger Bag" again with no creed photo. The seller claims the serial number is J4D-9715 which belongs to a Legacy Turnlock Companion Flap. Trouble is, the date code in the serial number is for September 1994 and that 9715 style wasn't even introduced until late 2001.


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  5. BTW, sorry I didn't already say it, but be sure to GET YOUR MONEY BACK FOR BOTH BAGS. And because it bears repeating, NEVER buy a Coach unless the seller shows a clear READABLE photo of the creed stamp and serial number. NEVER. Ebay allows a seller 12 free photos in each listing, if the seller you're looking at can't be bothered to take photos of all the important details, find a seller who does.
  6. That's great to know, thanks for your reply!
  7. Perhaps I'm off-base here and if so, I apologize but with a poster and a Facebook seller with such similar IDs, I can't help but assume you're posting your own listings.

    While here on Coach, I appreciate sellers who try to do their due diligence and will help authenticate their items, TPF rules disallow the posting of your own items.

    In the future, if you have items for which you need authentications, please just post pictures and not links to where the items are being sold.
  8. It's also why the first post of the thread shows the posting format and information we need and why we want to see links to listings and seller IDs.

  9. Thank you. I should get the bag in the next few days. Your information is very helpful. And I will follow up.

    I mainly am at one watch form, and while we do not have authenticators, we generally will point out the specific issues we see on a watch and why it is incorrect. I am only able to assist with one specific brand, as the knowledge base for more than one brand would be too difficult/time consuming for me. There are a large number of us, so we have also had success reporting the fakes we see on eBay so that they get removed. However, it seems that scammers are always trying new things. So we also try an educate new message board members on the number of different scams these folks try. All almost identical to what you are doing here.
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  10. Great - thanks!
  11. It's good to hear that forums dedicated to other highly-faked items and brands are trying to do the same thing we are. Please feel free to give us a plug if any of your posters need help with handbags. We DO report fakes and will keep reporting as long as our patience holds out or until it's obvious that the seller is one of Ebay's Special Snowflakes and chances of getting any of their listings removed is about the same as me being the next Queen of England.

    Sometimes we can be a little tight-lipped when pointing out exact details and why they're incorrect, since going back more than 10 years to the old Ebay forums we found that Surprise! - counterfeiters and their distributors read the same forums and were usually pretty quick to correct red flag-type mistakes in their fakes once they were publicized on the Ebay boards.

    We'll be hoping to see more photos of the backpack once you receive it - post here if you have any questions.