1. She also played a b*tch on Law & Order SVU!
  2. Will someone please destroy Dar Prune Face Adal. I can't stand to look at him anymore.
    Honestly, if he still exists in season 7, I don't think i'll be watching!
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  3. I read a recap that was talking about how his character has gone from someone in the background to a major character on Homeland. F. Murray Abraham is a very highly regard actor who some say suffered from the Oscar Curse. He won for playing Salieri in Amadeus and then kind of took a back seat. He is very good at playing the bad guy so the writer's decided to showcase his talent. The fact that we all hate his guts is proof. The actor playing Javadi is equally good IMO. You don't know whether to hate him or like him at times.
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  4. I'm thankful Carrie has her act together and hasn't gone off her meds. Not sure I could take another season of that. I'm digging all of the intrigue!!! And yes to what fantastic actors they have on this show!!
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  5. Holy crap. Best episode yet this season.

    Fave scenes:

    -Carrie and Saul's pissing contest in the park, about who had the worst f*** buddy , Russian mole v guy in suicide vest

    -PEOTUS finally realizing Dar is an evil "obsequious little sh**!!"

    -Dar seeing through PEOTUS's fake it til you make it niceties at the second meeting

    -Quinn returning to old Quinn
  6. I was so pissed when Quinn didn't kill that prick. Then when he used the tracking device I shouted in glory! But wait, how'd he get his hands on one of those?

    And it's good to know that, as evil as he is, Dar didn't order the hits on Quinn and Astrid. Seems like he really wanted Quinn to be protected. I really liked their relationship from seasons past, but the surprising details of their early days were too upsetting.

    I don't understand why the Russian mole incident is the only thing the Justice dept can use on Dar. It would require an affidavit from Carrie to pass muster. Why can't they accept an affidavit regarding Dar's present time shenanigans?
  7. Yeah, so who is this guy in charge of it all? Is he the one funding the alt_right radio host and the computer social media flooders, the guy now not wearing his wool cap? I too was really happy that Dar didn't want Peter or Astrid killed; I had believed Dar in the scene with Peter and didn't know if I was correct or not or if we would ever know.

    The new Solicitor General said that the only evidence they had re Dal was the Javadi tape and no judge would prosecute based on that based on Javadi's history. Plus it would expose the US' dealings with all sides in the matter. That's how I understood it. That Solicitor General was slimy.

    I didn't get how Dar picked up that Keane was lying to him. Course she isn't the best actress in this role, so its hard to tell if how she behaves is the character or her bad acting.

    Max is my hero now.
  8. Yes, I forgot about Max! And his M and M year
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  9. IMO she was being waaay too cordial to Dar and he picked up on it.
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  10. Yeah, she did come on overly friendly. Not subtle, that Keane.

    Now we didn't see the end of the scene, but given he gave no names (we assume), did she pick up that he had picked up her fake behavior?
  11. Do we think the sitting president is behind all of this? The actor is too good to be used for one scene.
  12. Man I don't have any idea!! The social media thing is freaky though!!! And I feel like it's so relevant!!! Makes you really think about what you're seeing!!!
    Poor Saul. He keeps getting screwed over.
  13. Yup, liars can see through other liars and he's the king of them all
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  14. I wouldn't doubt at all that there is such a room at this time.
  15. I absolutely believe there is!!
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