1. These are adorable! Below is price as listed on Canadian site.

  2. Sorry it's late, wasn't reading correctly. Saw the pic of the mini frivole from Hadassa's link but then wrong image on website. Just realized that the price didn't match up to a mini size. I can't seem to find minis on Canadian website
  3. Hk$19400 for YG earrings which is about usd 2,500
  4. Wow, you're kidding! Yes I am also confused about the conflicting info from the SA's. I emailed my SA today and he was rather clear this decrease was not due to some currency adjustment. This isn't the first time I have received conflicting info from Birks. I have to be honest I question the info they gave you about a pending increase next month when they just adjusted their price. I guess time will tell.
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  5. Thank you!
  6. Here are the mini frivole

    Sweet paves

    I'm not sure if the images are accurately to scale however.
  7. That is a very attractive price. They do look quite small in the photos, but they might be perfect for a dainty look.
  8. I also shop at Birks and was told the increase was due to worldwide currency adjustment. ‍♀️
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  10. I HAD to say something, didn't I???

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  11. Aighhh! There's a large pave pendant too.

    I have to say the price points for the minis are pretty good. I suppose this is like the Frivole version of sweets and gives a good alternative, maybe for those who want their VCA to be a bit more under the radar.


  12. Got a little too excited :smile:
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  13. The prices of the sweet sizes are pretty darn good!
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  14. So I went to drop an item off for alteration today...:graucho:

    Let's see if I can remember how to upload pics. Been awhile.

    Mini frivole earrings in YG. Very cute!


    Mini frivole bracelet in YG. Absolutely adorable. This bracelet will have to be worn snug if you're not fond of flipping motifs.

    I would say the mini frivole is probably the equivalent of the sweet Alhambra line in terms of size.
  15. That's interesting, not the reason I received by my SA in the email he sent me yesterday. I will be going to Birks this week to have a look at the mini frivolous, I will see what they say to me in person.