1. I did well yesterday. My dd bought one of my favorite desserts while we were out shopping but rather then sticking with her while she ate I went to some other shops.
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  2. I think I am going to try something new here. Rather then beating myself up about the mistakes I make I will post one good thing I did towards my health each day. I would love it if others did the same.
  3. Positive thoughts are always much more productive mentally than negative ones! :smile:

    I always workout on Saturday's, but yesterday I knew my body needed a rest day after St. Patty's Day and recovering from a cold. So I made up for it today, on Sunday, a day I don't usually do structured workouts. I feel a lot better after working out today and am glad I didn't yesterday!
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  4. So happy I completed Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide Week 1 Legs and cardio. I tried it yesterday but couldn't complete it. Far cry from 2015 where I could finish all circuits and complete six months of the program. I'm taking baby steps so I won't beat myself up if I can't be where I used to be.

    A friend told me that our journey is a marathon not a sprint. I was pretty hardcore before this but it ended up with me bingeing now.

    I think the strict diet and workout regime affected me. Half a year without touching sugar, simple carbs and junk food just made me ravenous now. I'm glad I got my boobs back though
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  5. So had surgery Tuesday and feeling pretty good considering. Sleeping a lot. I was eating a ton of fibre to get things moving post op.

    With all the fluids post surgery and bloat etc I'm up ~ 15 lbs. so today I'm getting back to healthy diet and going to do a short walk on the treadmill. No real exercise for a couple weeks but short walks are ok so I'm going to do that. I also can't get over how bloated I am. My stomach looks 6 months pregnant. Hopefully things settle over a few weeks.

    It's my birthday in April and I bought a new dress so I want to make sure that still fits. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  6. great idea, dc! For myself, I'm also going to include things I did for myself, emotionally and mentally - been going through tough times here and my well being in both those areas have taken a hit. I have started to take more baths to relax myself, so I consider that doing something positive for myself :smile:

    thats awesome!

    wishing you a great recovery period!
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  7. Oh! Baths are awesome :smile:
    Epsom salt baths are a great way to get magnesium; the bio-availability increases significantly transdermally (through the skin) . About 75% of Americans are magnesium deficient and it impacts so much from sleep to mood to metabolism to disease prevention.
  8. I didn't know that! Tnx for the info!
  9. Glad that your surgery went well!
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