1. Thank you, Becky; I'm a bit of a fox fanatic so I'm really pleased to have added her to my collection!

    Thank you, mary! Great to "see you" again; how are things with you?

    Thank you, dear Louliu; I'm feeling steadily better but will be glad when I'm fully back to normal - everything feels a bit fuzzy atm!
  2. I'm normally really picky about the condition of bags, dear ksuromax, so I wasn't sure about the colour transfer issue. Luckily, it's not as noticeable as I'd feared!

    I've looked at this style enviously, from afar, for years so I had to pull the trigger when she popped up! She was a good price in the sale, too.
    I'm like you, Betty; if I don't buy a bag on NPN I always hope that someone here will buy it!
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  3. In exceptional cases we do forgive little "if" and "but"-s, don't we??? ;)
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  4. Mayfly, this bag is so special, wow!!
    Many congrats, carry it in good health!

    By the way, hope you are better now :smile:
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  5. What a stunner! Congratulations Mayfly, carry it in the best of health :smile:
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  6. Thank you, dear Mo; I'm still waiting for a decent day to carry her!
    Great to see you; I hope all is well with you? xx
  7. :yahoo::loveeyes::hbeat::love:WOW, that's a perfect, phenomenal "Ta-dah" item!!! So sorry I'm late to this party as I'm just finding your thread now Mayfly but MAJOR CONGRATS on this AMAZING Alexa....i also adore foxes!! LOVE this bag!:heart::heart::heart:
  8. Thank you so much, dear Kendie; I still haven't taken her out yet - just waiting for a fine day!
  9. Congratulations! She's such a gorgeous and very special bag. Carry her in good health :smile:
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  10. OMG! How? I've never seen this bag before and I thought I've seen all designer bags in the world! Gorgeous bag and you're very lucky to snag one rare piece! Congratulation!
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