1. Hi guys,

    Is it possible to wear glasses straight away after rhinoplasty (no implants on nose bridge though)? My main concern is my wide nostrils and bulbous tip.
  2. Best to ask the clinic I think....
    My friends were told not to for at least a month...
  3. Did your friends insert implants on the bridge area? :smile:
  4. Yeah, its a month if you use implant cause it takes a month for the implant to get settled in.
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  5. I'm not putting implants guys. Only doing alarplasty and tiplasty.
  6. If you were only going to do alar reduction, I assume it would be fine. As long as the glasses aren't heavy or reaches very low down (near tip/nostrils). But because you're also having your tip done, I would assume you can't wear glasses.
    But if you're unsure you can ask different surgery clinics/hospitals on KakaoTalk or ask certified surgeons on RealSelf
  7. I had been wondering this too. I found out from a plastic surgeon that if you are just doing tipplasty and/or alarplasty you can wear glasses right after surgery. If you are doing bone cutting and/or nasal bridge implant you must wait 4-6 weeks to wear glasses. Good luck on your surgery!
  8. Yes my friend used an implant; I guess it depends on the clinic
    Since you're just doing the tip, I think you'll be able to wear contact lens
  9. I'm doing ptosis correction too, so can't wear contact lens hahaha
  10. Did you know that years of wearing contact lenses can possibly cause ptosis? I've read the cause is either from the years of pulling on the eyelids during insertion/removal or damage to the muscles from the lens. I'd also feel very nervous pulling on my eyelids after I had any type of surgery done to that skin.
    Have you considered laser eye surgery correction? It's pretty cheap in Korea, around $1500 usd last time I checked.
  11. No wonder, haha. I've been wearing contact lenses for at least 8 years now.

    Yup, I think I'm getting lasik, but not in korea. Maybe in my own country, it's more expensive though. But if you add up all the air plane ticket, hostel etc etc, the price will be roughly the same.

    Probably will get it done after 1~2 years of ptosis correction. :smile:
  12. They stretch out the skin around your eyeball an extreme amount, you can see videos of the procedure being done on youtube. I'd be afraid of that stretching the skin out or damaging muscles that were fixed in ptosis surgery. So I'd recommend getting lasik done before your ps. Lasik from reputable places in the USA is very expensive, over $4k total. So flying to get it done in SK is much cheaper even considering airfare, etc. for me.