1. Hi everyone! I'm hoping that you all can help me. I ordered a Khaki large le pliage tote from Bloomingdales. However, when I opened it, the color seems just wrong. From the pictures I've seen posted here, the color looks more green, when I look at my bag in various lights, I can see a tinge of green, but it just seems brown? The product on the bag and on the shipping label both say 1899089A23.

    Could someone tell me if this is what Khaki is supposed to look like in person? I took pictures in the two brightest rooms of my house.

    image1.JPG image2.JPG .
  2. Longchamp is changing the khaki color for the new season. Fall 2016 khaki was a pretty medium green, and Spring 2017 khaki is a more brownish/grayish neutral color. See this post: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/spring-2017.952474/page-9#post-30863623

    I don't keep track of the Pliage color codes, so I can't say for sure, but I'd guess you received the new khaki?

    9137945_fpx.tif.jpeg _100237699.jpg
  3. Thank you. That's a little disappointing because it was ordered in December and the picture was still the 2016 Khaki, and even now it still looks green.
  4. You might have luck tracking down the fall khaki at authorized LC retailers like Sands Point Shop or bagshop.com.
  5. I bought my DIL the khaki tote for Christmas directly from Longchamp and it was definitely green. Maybe that is the new khaki? Sandspoint.com has khaki on clearance and the code SNOW20 works on sale items. You could order from them and compare?
  6. C94 is the code for the Fall2016 Khaki so yes, you got the new Spring2017 Khaki.
  7. Thank you! I did try looking at other sellers but they don't have the large one I wanted. I guess this will teach me not to wait so long next time...
  8. Thank you! I couldn't find the code for Fall16 when I was searching; I appreciate the information!
  9. I am sorta in the same boat. I ordered the large from Nordstrom when it was 40% off and sent it to where I was going to be during the holidays so I didnt open my package right away. When I finally opened my package, imagine my displeasure when I got some men pants instead. The Khaki was sold out by then. I have some local resources that I can try eventually but I am taking it as a sign that it's not meant to be.

    Anyway, if you have no other recourse, I would contact Barbara at the Woodbury outlet and ask her to let u know when they get some 1899s in. Barbara is not the greatest but the staff has a high turnover rate and she seems to always be there.
  10. Is this new khaki more like slate/taupe that was discontinued a few seasons ago?
  11. Without looking at them side by side, i would say yes.
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  12. Is there anywhere I can still get the old green khaki color?
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  13. I'd love to know this as well. Thanks in advance for any information.
  14. Woodbury outlet got a shipment of it this week
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  15. I also just found on on Rue La La - so excited to have the khaki I wanted!