1. Yes it's gorgeous it looks just like calfskin caviar!
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  2. Yup as long as you love it that's all that matters, congrasrs again your boy is stunning!
  3. I'm a newbie here, but if I just purchased a so black boy, is it a 17s?! My SA told me my boy was caviar. It was purchased from a Chanel Boutique.

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    From my understanding yes cause 17S is the season it was released. S= Summer collection. (I think ). Do you have the tag that came with it? The Chanel SA is wrong. I think many people are getting misinformed of the material on the So Black. It is not caviar and it's grained lambskin.

    Here is a picture of the tag
  5. Its a 17S!!!!! It just arrived. I'm dying It's my first Chanel bag. It's crazy it didn't require a signature! I wasn't planning on seeing my boy until next week.

    My SA was pretty snobby. We ended up texting most of the time. I did find an SA at Saks that was really nice. I will use her to purchase the boy wallet I want.
  6. I finally got my so black boy! I feel so lucky my SA contacted me to get this bag. I am in love....20170316_134127.jpg
  7. Congrats! This is such a gorgeous boy! I am enjoying seeing everyone's photos . I got lucky and found one too! My SA will ship to me on Monday and I'm so excited
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  8. I just keep pulling the trigger on these boys! Someone needs to stop me :loveeyes:

    17342883_10154539932251478_6250652419132299979_n.jpg 17353590_10154539931931478_2536575368978633191_n.jpg 17265264_10154539933836478_4218068716415817834_n.jpg
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  9. My new boys - pink and black chevron
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  10. Beautiful boys! Is the black chevron with silver hardware part of the new collection again?
  11. [​IMG]

    My beautiful Boys!

    Electric blue with gold hardware is New Medium Size
    Black lambskin is Old Medium Size
    and the Pink and Red are Small Size :tup:
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  12. Which size is your favorite? Which size do you use the most? Can you also let me know if you can fit an LV 6 key holder standing up in the small boy bag?
    Thank you
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  13. I'm so sorry to hear that. Which size is your boy bag?
  14. i brought the bag back to chanel and they took it back... waiting for my next boy bag, it was the old medium
  15. Hi can any Chanel experts please advice if the boy so black was ever made in the new medium size or only the old medium? Personally I have only seen it in the old medium. Someone who just got hers from France last week wanted to sell me hers in the old medium, and there is another seller wanting to sell me likewise but is a new medium. I have people telling me that Chanel SA in france told them that boy so black has never been made in the new medium but our local chanel SA told me they were once available in all sizes even in new medium. So can anyone please advice?
    Thank you.