1. Does anyone have the cartier diamond lanieres ring in addition to the love ring? I am thinking about getting that one to stack with the 3 diamond love but I am not sure about sizing compression to the love ring. I have to order from another state (CA is the closest boutique and I am in WA).
  2. That was my concern as well. My cartier (non love ring) wedding band is a 49 and I got a 49 to wear on my rh ring finger as well. It's snug but it's definitely looser during colder temps.
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  3. Makes sense :smile:. I was mostly concerned about cutting or hurting my baby, not so much myself so I am definitely happy that it will become a little more dull over time.
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  4. Yes I have had it scratch my face too :sad:
  5. I also have a baby and I am happy to report that I never had that problem even when the ring was more sharp
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  6. Thanks for the encouragement!

    I think that's the case for me as well if I wear the size 49 ring on my right hand. The 48 fits perfectly on my left, so I will probably keep it for that hand.
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  7. I just wanted to update everyone that I exchanged the 48 for the 49. I can now wear it on my right hand also. Plus, I can always add sizing beads. It was just freaking me out that the 48 would be too small years from now. I'm happy with my choice!
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  8. I went up two sizes on my right hand and I like it, it is big but it never falls off and when my fingers swell it is not uncomfortable.
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  9. Thank God! I literally read your post after you bought the smaller one & I was too late to tell you... I would definitely advise buying at least one size up in Love rings as they are wide and fit much tighter. And, if you want to stack as Loves stack so well, bigger is always necessary ;)
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  10. That's good to know! I was just scared of it falling off with the larger size, but I think it is perfect. My finger doesn't feel suffocated anymore. :lol:

    That's a good point about stacking! Thank goodness I didn't wear the 48 outside and only cautiously tried it on at home. I know Cartier is super picky about exchanging "worn" items. I'm so grateful that I came to my senses about the correct size. :panic:
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  11. Hi guys. I had a question about sizing. If I'm buying the thicker 5mm love ring for my middle finger, do I size up? Meaning if I bought the wedding band for the same finger, would it be the same size as well?
  12. P did you have to get different sizes for the wide bands and the wedding bands for the same finger?
  13. Sorry for another question- did you have to get different sizes for the wddding band versus the thicker band? Do I have to size up for the thickness?
  14. My ring finger-rings are sized for my other hand but figured it would be easier to put them all together.

    After this purchase I think I'm taking a break from ring purchases and will focus on getting a VCA motif and upgrading my BB, so these will be the rings I'm working with for a good while.
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  15. Yes you make a lot of sense, thank you! I like the rotation/foundation mindset. What rings did the love ring replace?