1. It's only 25 extra off the red items for winter and women's sleepwear. It ended on the 19th
  2. I went yesterday and bought a Marc Jacobs baby bag as a gift and some gloves. The SA only took the 25% off the gloves but both were red tagged.
  3. I'm not sure if they do charge sends but I already gave the info to another TPF member and she said they were gone when she called :crybaby::crybaby:
  4. It's only red tagged items. The stuff I got counts as winter stuff I guess so I got it. I asked her though about the other red tagged items and she said they'd honor it so I guess it depends?
  5. I had to grab this Burberry jacket,super light...
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  7. Lots of jimmy choo lately at my rack, in a variety of sizes and 60% off original price.

    $349 size 39
    $389 size 39.5
    $349 size 41
    $219 size 39.5
  8. $492 plus extra % off
    Size 11 left in Fog
    Black shown in pic but color selection says Pink. I took a chance lol. I'm ok with pink.
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  9. Loubies cancelled :sad:
  10. Fantastic jacket!!!!!!!! Congrats, and at such a great price too!
    If anybody sees any Burberry quilted jackets in XS or S, please let me know. On the hunt for one! :p
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  11. Oh no, I didn't order myself, but was hoping that everybody's would ship! If they ever come back in stock, I'm sure Nordstrom will honor the order if you call them.
  12. I'm hoping they come back!!!