1. Yum! Yum! Yum! You have been busy today with all your yummy culinary creations! That curry and bean soup look so delicious. And glad to hear you found the perfect smoothie combo. I love looking at all your pictures-- you sure know how to present your ingredients in the most appealing way. I am telling you (begging you really :smile:) you need your own food blog and/or cookbook please. Have a great week DM.

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  2. You are a sweetheart, IM!! Thank you! :hbeat:
  3. Wow, super impressed with all of the gorgeous and healthy meals you made! This green smoothie pictorial is definitely magazine worthy! Organic Girl is my favorite brand of greens, I love the super greens, the baby kale mix and the 50/50 spinach baby kale mix. I don't have any bananas or pineapple but I do have some frozen peaches and fresh apples, do you think that would be worth a try?
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  4. DM, have you ever made a smoothie with carrots in your vitamin? Carrots are so naturally sweet and I think they would be great with turmeric, ginger and other fruits/veggies.

    Coconut water

    What do you think?
    I have all of these ingredients on a regular basis.

    If you have a favorite recipe using carrots I would love to hear it.
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  5. Surprisingly, I have never used carrots in my smoothie before, but it sounds really good. Thank you for recommending it. I used to drink a lot of carrot juice (too much really) and loved it. Straight carrot as well as apple, ginger, carrot; which is a yummy combination. I love your suggested combo and think it would taste great. I will let you know when I try it. :hbeat:
    Thank you, Nicole and I think frozen peaches and apples would be delicious together!! The Organic Girl products are always so crisp and fresh. I love the same ones you mention. :heart::heart:
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  6. Thank you so much DM!
    I used to drink a lot of carrot juice and carrot apple juice as well! That's how the idea came to me. I no longer drink juice, so I though maybe I could capture that old favorite flavor in a smoothie.
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  7. So dang healthy DM....I seriously need to get back on board & make these in our weekly rotation! The way I've been eating lately I need to do this &/or try your AMAZING soups you posted above! Wow, I can see all of your chopping efforts..impressive!!! Xoxo
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  8. Thank you, my friend. Wishing you a productive, and hopefully not too hectic work week. :hugs:
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  9. Eating leftover curry for lunch today and it tastes even better than it did last night. :heart:20170320_131851.jpg
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  10. This looks so yummy!
    I was so bummed I tried to make a green curry Saturday night- Fail! Too much wine while cooking!
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  11. This looks like a fantastic lunch (so much better than my lunch or dinner for that matter :sad:).
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  12. Thank you IM, sorry about your lunch and dinner, though. What did you eat today, if you don't mind my asking....see who is being nosy now??? I am. :hugs::heart:
    Sorry about your curry. :sad::heart:
  13. Just some leftover Japanese rice bowl thingy (it was from when we had ramen noodles yesterday). It's not bad but nowhere as healthy or pretty as yours. I haven't had curry in awhile -- might have to get/make some soon.

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  14. Garden saladIMG_2244.JPG

    Tofu and fish tacos
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  15. Thanks again DM for introducing me to this good flavor profile of coconut oil, tamari and chili garlic sauce. It works great with sautéed broccoli (our standby since DD likes very few veggies).
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