1. Spark,

    My HG is the Chanel 10c red jumbo. Once I got my hands on one my urge to acquire Chanel Jumbo single flaps just left. I felt true contentment with my collection. Sure there are other bags I want but nothing like the 10c red.
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  2. So true. Me too.
  3. LOL!! Maybe that's why I don't have one anymore either.

    I consider my collection to be finished except for 3 bags. But finished to me means I don't have any more bags I "need" to support my wardrobe. I'll still want to add a bag a year to keep my collection fresh.
    That's awesome!!! I know you love the bag. And it looks good on you.

    I had the opposite reaction. When I got the 10c red SF (which followed my purchase of a black patent), it solidified that the SF jumbo was perfect for me. That made me want to add the next two I purchased (the ivory and the gunmetal grey). But now I'm content with SF's because I have the colors / hardware / materials I want. And I don't want a quilted flap farm overwhelming my collection. :lol:

    So, hmmmm...Is HG supposed to mean

    "If I get this bag, I'm done."


    "Of all the bags out there, I crave this one and know it will be the pinnacle in my collection."

    I think for me I thought the 10c red would be the latter. But while I adore the bag, it's not my favorite.

    I do agree, however, that no other bag has inspired as much passion in the hunt. I really want that silver Diorama. But it's not even close to being an HG. And with the peeling, I won't ever buy it. I do really love the fuchsia SF. But I have my pink Miss Dior so I don't want one. So while there are pretty bags out there, I can't think of any other bag I just have to have. No new HG's.
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  4. Wow I'm loving the greens! @papertiger your vintage pieces are gorgeous. I didn't think I had green bags but I do lol, pics to come later. And that's how you know you have too many bags haha.

    @dcooney4 so happy you found the bag!! Wooot!!

    @bakeacookie my plane bag is a tote and then I tend to do a crossbody for daily use; I'll also use my nylon db satchel due to weight and weather friendliness and since it can be handheld or shoulder (and even get away with being crossbody if I'm desperate) it's sort of the best of all bag worlds. Although, like Mimmy, I'm trying not to baby my bags so am trying to branch out - not entirely there yet though haha. At best, my contemporary bags have been most used for travel and usually the ones that have been downgraded to care free. One day :smile:
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    This looks like a fun group!
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  6. Hello :wave: and welcome!
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  7. Thank you! I love your name, there's always a reason to sparkle!!
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  8. Thanks! I think so too! Life is short. Joy and sparkle are needed every day. :p
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  9. You'll have to post the DB satchel one day, it's hard to find bags that can be carried multiple ways!
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    I have found/acquired all my HGs so i am a happy Madbagger
    In Mulberry it was Black iconic Alexa, and Medium Lily in Oxblood
    In BV it was my Memory Knot (just recently posted it)
    And in Bal it was Day in Green Apple
    It was the least expected to be ever found in good condition+at a descent price. But Bags Gods were kind to me :angel:
    Another :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: one is in transit.....
    No, i still consider them as my luckiest finds/acqusitions, and i use them on regular basis.
    Definition of HG for me personally is solely based on the leather-style-colour combo, price is not relevant.
    Some were quite rare (Memory Knot was almost impossible to find...)
    Not a single second of disappointment at all, i was happy then when i snatched them, so i am now after a while. Cherishing and using them and feeling good :p
  11. Welcome to the party!
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  12. To find all your grail bags is quite an accomplishment! That's awesome.
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  13. Welcome! Feel free to chime in with your bag goals, or share in the love of this groups' bags!
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  14. I have an 11&13 year old as well so you are also correct!
  15. Hello!!

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