1. Now I'm looking for a yellow gold half bangle friendship bracelet with small diamonds, something very dainty to wear casually, I spend lots of time at the beach and love to wear my jewellery but nothing to large, any suggestions on where to look?
  2. I love the friendship style because I have small wrists and can adjust it to any size I like, I've got two others in white gold both diamonds.
  3. Try Carolina Bucci. I don't know if she makes bangles but she does make braided friendship style bracelets mixed with gold: https://carolinabucci.com/collections/bracelets (begins in the third row)
  4. thank you!
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  5. Beautiful, thank you again!
  6. You're welcome! Glad to help.
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  7. Absolutely beautiful Skyqueen! Is that your 14ct tennis bracelet you are wearing with it?
  8. It is indeed...good memory, Mslizzy :flowers: Of course I've had it many years. Oldie but goody :biggrin:
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  9. I have a treated green diamond eternity ring which is stunning. So that's another green stone option for you
  10. I love friendship bracelets too! I'm trying to imagine what you mean by "half bangle"...would it be something like these styles (although in gold of course)...Diamonique 2ct tw Graduated Friendship Bracelet Sterling Silver.jpeg
    Diamonique 0.5ct tw Circles Friendship Bracelet Sterling Silver.jpeg
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  11. I have one engagement/wedding ring and I lost an emerald. Until I can get it taken care of by the jeweler, I decided to get a simple 2mm band which will be worn with my original ring or stacked with others. Blue Nile's $50 off played a part in this decision! I'm in love with petite jewelry right now and the price was too good. I'd love a petite diamond anniversary band, too.

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  13. Gorgeous! If you haven't already seen Ken & Dana Design you may want to check their stuff out. They make some gorgeous and feminine nature inspired rings. I'm thinking of getting a twig inspired ring with a Montana Sapphire for myself after seeing one they had done online.
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  14. Not only exactly like those but those are the ones. Where did you find them? I bought them from an online store, took them to my jeweler and had him copy them. Let me know where you found them, maybe it's the same place I purchased them from.
  15. I took advantage of the 15% off Saks code and their gift card code and got these cuties. IMG_1490195914.170950.jpg
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