1. That's disappointing! What reason did they give you? I've wondered about that site.
  2. A Tod's SA sent me an email about the Cape and said it would no longer be offered in upcoming seasons. This is surprising and disappointing; I thought it was destined to be a classic for Tod's. Anyone else hear this?
  3. Sorry, I didn't see your question earlier. They simply said that it was out of stock...
    I looked for a wave in a different color, but although it was shown as available in the overview I couldn't put it in my basket as it was oos already.
    They still had the medium size available which I find personally too big for me.
  4. My new Small Cape is here and I'm thrilled.:smile: Chose the burgundy, very pretty. There's a separate thread on my reveal.
  5. I couldn't resist this bag! The color is just amazing!

    On sale @ the outlet_Desert Hills today.

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  6. Beautiful!
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  7. Truly classic design, so easy to carry--and in such a fun color. Well done!
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