1. Sure, some people would think 5 is more than enough. I want a smorgasbord for every feeling, outfit, and situation. I'm so sad I discovered them discounted at Rack, after they were discontinued.

    Share yours in the comments please so I can breathe!
  2. Those are cute! Did you just find them recently?
  3. Thanks! I got the mint, gold, and black ones in 2014. I got the pink one in late summer or fall last year and I just got the silver one on eBay (brand new and 12 bucks!). I'm seeking a rose gold and a purple one now.
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  4. I've seen those popping up a lot at TJ Maxx
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  5. Are those wristlets? Or crossbody? Saks OFF5TH has them in crossbody form. The colors were I believe tan , grey and I think blue. They were 49.99.