1. Nope, only the full sized one does. They're probably showing you the stock photos for the full sized one.

  2. Also as someone that's owned a mini mini in the past, an additional pouch would make no sense. It's much too small for them to include an additional pouch.
  3. Yes it would just be the incorrect photo. The mini and mini mini don't come with a pouch and they're really too small for a pouch to be included. Even if the pouch was smaller. The only Mini/ Mini Mini's that come with pouches are eBay fake where the seller claims they're authentic yet never answers questions about why it has a pouch if its a mini...

    Pretty bad and unprofessional when stores use the wrong stock photos I think. It makes you wonder if the pic is wrong or the description when the pricing is not the same as the rrp too as I've seen with some other stores. Never know what you will end up with.

  4. I remember seeing the wrong photos used at Barneys/Bergdorfs and I was just like do better.
  5. Thanks everyone! I agree they should do better and is why I've hesitated to purchase it online.
  6. I have a mini vege tan brown-sun bucket bag from around 1 year back. Hardly carry it cause the bag stinks like hell (like vomit/poop). Do you all have the same problem? Any suggestion to get rid of the vile smell?
  7. Never. All mine smell like rich leather and have done from the start. That doesn't sound normal.
  8. I haven't heard of issues with the veg tanned ones. Maybe try putting in a few dryer sheets?
  9. I had a problem with my mini mini in the tumbled leather (there's even a post somewhere). It had that very, very freshly dyed leather smell but it was noxious. I aired it outside for two days and haven't had a problem since. It did not smell like body fluids though. Are you sure you didn't... get some of that on it?

    I suggest airing it out like I did and then maybe a professional cleaning.
  10. Thanks for your replies! I have 2 other mini bucket in saffino and calf leather and don't have this smelly bag issue. Hopefully airing it helps. I was even thinking of contacting MG CS but not too sure if they will entertain me since my purchase has been so long ago.
  11. Hi, I didn't have this problem. My bag smelt leather.
  12. Can someone please comment if this is acceptable for a new bag? Thanks! There is like a line in front that looks like leather imperfection.
  13. They will probably tell you that line is normal. I don't care for the irregular stitching though.
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    Is the white thread showing at the back normal? Is the line ok if it's your bag? What is usually the flaw of this bag so that I would know if I need to return or not? Thanks again!
  15. I think that it is quite normal, the leather will scratch quite easily within a few hours of wear, at lest in my experience, but i do not baby my bags whatsoever. It will never be a bag with perfect leather. Hope that helped.