1. Real
  2. Thanks!!! :biggrin: it's very nice to know! :biggrin:!
  3. Can you help me with this beauty? thanks!

  4. Real!!!
  5. Thanks! :smile:
    Can you please help me again? This would match perfectly with my brand new sandals :smile:

  6. Can you please help?

  7. Authentic... DNKY is not really counterfeited often. The saffiano leather structure on this bag is perfect!
  8. Hi! Can anyone tell me if this DKNY wallet is real or fake? Thanks in advance :smile:
    DKNY 1.jpgDKNY2.jpgDKNY 3.jpgDKNY4.jpg
  9. Help! Please DNKY Vintage Bag--~~~~~

    I came across this bag and want to know if it is worth any??
    DNKY Donna Karan New York Per the tag as well as the hanging tag which says
    DNKY (In Woman We Trust). The bag is Leather and heavy canvas.

    Thanks anyone who can help me with this:smile:
  10. image.jpg
  11. I found this among my mothers things, when I cleaned her appartment. I'm not sure how old it is, where it's bought or anything else. It seems like it's never been used at all. Can someone detect if it's genuine - and if it is, how much should I ask for it if I want to sell it?
  12. Hi!
    Bought a bag from a Swedish second hand website and the seller told me she bought it in LA. Got it now and I'm alittle suspicious. Can you guys tell me if it's real or a fake?1500194153862.jpg 1500194096743.jpg 1500194086681.jpg 1500194080267.jpg 1500194069909.jpg