1. It's beautiful. Congratulations.
  2. fur-heart-sticker_000000000005448889.jpeg

    Anya Hindmarch at Harrods. A whopping £250. It's lovely but I'm sorry the exact same can be made for £50.
  3. I agree. It's pretty but looks quite generic
  4. I've got my eyes set on this Furla fur piece:
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  5. It's lovely
  6. 1503150143837.png1503150124726.png1503150108138.png1503150092732.png1503150072970.png

    There is a someone on Instagram that makes bag charms and exports too. These are all about £50 each so inexpensive given the quality.

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  8. Ooops, forgot to attach the photo:
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  9. Wow! Supercute. Is it mink? Absolutely beautiful
  10. Yeah, that's mink :smile:
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  11. Gorgeous minky