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    Thank you @gillianna I totally missed your post. I did buy that bag but for a much higher price and not from PS site ..because their site has some issues during check out. i tried multiple times but it still did nt get me through. their customer service sucks .. they still haven't given me any solution for that . its over 12 days now.

    anyway i bought this bag from Monnier freres and should get it tomorrow. I hope i dont have the same silver hardware issue..
  2. Do you think asking PS on their social media pages why this is happening and how to correct it would get a response?
    I wonder if coating the metal rings with clear nail polish might help. Or does one need to walk around with a piece f silver polishing cloth and wipe the metal down each day. Sure seems like a major design defect here. Did they go silver because it was cheaper???

    It seems like more than one person is having this problem and with different color bags so to me this might happen to all the bags with silver hardware.
  3. Anyone if the metal clip on the strap is fixable?
  4. I just discovered my undying love for ps1 cannot be ignored after 2 years of trying to distract myself with other designer brands. It doesn't make it any easier that where I live, we don't have a physical department store stocking PS bags and its very rare that you could come across one, online.
    I was searching through preloved market and came across PS1 Medium Oxblood & PS1 Medium Baja. I was originally looking for a suede cobalt blue as that's the one which started it all for me and to my disappointment its nowhere to be found.
    I know Baja would be a very risky option for me and with oxblood I'm just not sure.
    Should I go for oxblood? what do you guys think? images.jpg proenza-schouler-red-ps1-medium-baja-shoulder-bag-product-1-20924407-0-640537665-normal.jpeg
  5. Love the mini ...:cool:

  6. Oxblood is gorgeous :love:
  7. This bag looks great on you! :tup:
  8. Thank you! :smile:
  9. Me too - I have the same mini
    Perfect size for my essentials.
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  10. Well, I've finally joined the PS1 club! I could not resist the dark teal medium on sale. I love blue, green, teal, anything in that color range and I've had my eye on a PS1 for a long time. It's so hard to find green with silver hardware so that factored into my decision too. It arrived completely wrapped up, with plastic on the hardware and everything. I am curious as to whether this was an older color from a couple years ago or if it is a 2016 or 2017 color? Anybody know?

    Here is a quick pic, I could not quite capture the color accurately. It's "dark teal" but is more like a true hunter green.
  11. ^^
    L:heart:ve it! Thank you for the reveal...I believe you are the first to show this color. Dark teal is from Fall/Winter 2015.

    I missed out on the large PS1 in dark teal during the Memorial Day 2016 sale. Obviously everyone that purchased one loved them since I have yet to see one on the resale market. :crybaby:
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  12. Perhaps they found a few extra in a warehouse? It's a very saturated color, really quite lovely! I have nothing like it but have always thought this would be a really useful color for me.
  13. It is stunning!!! :nuts: congratulations on such a great find! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
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  14. My new black medium - I really hope the leather will soften a lot more up. The first one I had I 2008 or 09 was softer - and maybe thinner (?)


  15. Classic black...my favorite! I won't even mention how many black leather PS pieces that I own. :blush:

    My PS1s usually break-in after a few weeks of constant use. I like them slouchy/saggy.